Scribbling in the Dark

Screen Shot 2015-12-09 at 5.37.34 PMIf you’ve noticed that this blog has been terribly quiet of late, that’s because it has been. Not because I have any shortage of things to write–quite the opposite. In the past couple of months I’ve written articles for Dance Magazine and Pointe (another one for DM is in the works!). I’ve also become a contributor to The Stewardship Report, which as of now is becoming a home for my more formal critical writing. I’ve also been asked to curate a new dance/arts blog with one of my good friends that is now in the works. So it isn’t that the writing has stopped, just that it’s expanding in quite a few directions very quickly. So, in case you missed it:

My first review for The Stewardship Report covering new work from Cameron McKinney|Kizuna Dance;

A formal review of Sylvie Guillem’s final US performances at City Center;

In my first feature article for a major dance publication, I went behind the scenes of Troy Schumacher’s most recent work for New York City Ballet to accompany a photo essay by Kyle Froman;

I took a stab at writing about Andrea Miller’s latest for Gallim Dance, W H A L E;

And, going way back, my very first byline at Dance Magazine.

So, in sum, keep an eye out! I’ll still be posting here, but maybe this will become a more normal, reflective blog in the meantime? Who knows! More coming soon.


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